Aqua Vitamin C Head Shower Filter

  • Brand: Aqua Care
  • Product Code: AVTC2001
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Aqua care water Vitamin C Filters Eliminate 99.9% of harmful chemicals and giving you a healthy shower atmosphere; Aqua care Vitamin-C shower filter efficiently Works on any temperature water regardless of water quality no loss in water pressure. The use of special metal powered energy saving water and feel the pleasure of submissive massage and Removal of pesticides sulphur and other daily water supply of the cancer casing carcinogens; VITAMIN-C Ultra fine water hole can produce strong high speed water flow generates negative ion the unique effect of water and also saving up to 80% relief from dry, itchy skin and scalp with dandruff and eczema


  • ·        Eliminates rust and water substances
  • ·         Vitamin C, Wallops Powder, Chitosan and aroma
  • ·         Superior antibacterial ceramic
  • ·         Breaks water particles into small cluster to maximize water absorption on skin
  • ·         Decreased skin resilience
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