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Day by day increase in human population and environmental pollution, we need clean and safe hygienic water. Increase of demand aqua care have a wide selection of offerings for the best water purification systems. 19 – 03 -2020 – Aqua Care is UAE based water purifier manufacturing company that has been in business since 2011. We manufactured high quality Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra Filtration (UF) & Ultra Violet (UV) sterilizer water purifiers in many categories.  

The company fulfill the market need by health care product and Aqua Care success is it’s R&D team, which take care of technology to manufacture premium quality products that as per requirement of UAE household with aim of becoming the brand which manufactured the best quality of water filters and water purifiers not only for Dubai but also for the other states of UAE. Aqua has working greatly to make USA technology affordable & mainstream in our country. Aqua has a group of both electrical & non-electrical under the sink, counter top wall-mountable and affordable as well as best water filters, purifiers with the ability to remove deferred, dissolved, organic and inorganic impurities. Aqua care always tests its products in all conditions to make sure that they work well in all conditions and do not lay behind any esteem.

Since Aqua Care RO System primarily operates from Dubai – United Arab Emirates also operates his sub offices in other GCC countries., our all products are purposes towards water problems that are native to GCC. Hence these filters & purifiers can remove water with high amounts of Total Dissolved Solid also known as TDS and organic impurities. All group are ideal for all springs of water and removes the most insistent chemicals.

Aqua methodology is to offer best water filter & purification solution at very reasonable prices. Now a days every home requirement of good quality of water purifier for drinking, cooking or other purpose
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About Us:

Aqua Care RO systems water purifiers promise for good quality and assure good health of its customers by providing clean, safe, clear and pure drinking water through its expanded range of USA Based technology for water purifiers and filtration. Aqua goal is to make every home healthier with peace of mind. Our all customers, business associates, and channel partners all experienced with extremely high-quality products and after sale services.

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Aqua Care Trading LLC
Dubai – Al Qusais Ind. Area 1 Near Bin Shabib Mall
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 971 4 2675814
Mob/Whatsapp: (971) 55 448 6505

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