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Water Treatment Chemicals – Clean water process is the importance in reaching stable run ability and good quality in the production. Impurities in water affect the quality of the product. Every customer has different needs, we provide State-of-the-Art Water Purification Solutions for usage in industrial & commercial water treatment systems and services. Different water sources, flow rates, applications and treated water qualities mean that every business has different process water requirements. Aqua care carries a wide range of water filter, softeners, deionization systems and reverse osmosis systems available to service almost any need

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Our Mission is to provide perfect solutions for your water application

Aqua Care team very closely study all water conditions and create the perfect combination of building blocks to create Water Treatment Chemicals. Every system need different treatment we use chemistry to build block and create customized solutions to solve particular problem..

The right chemistry can benefit your water plant or whole water filtration system:

  • Anti-scalants helps reverse osmosis (RO) systems work more effectively also reduce the need for cleaning.
  • A well-designed and managed water treatment program can pointedly reduce the risk of legionella.
  • Inhibitors extend the life and improve the efficiency of chilled water networks.
  • The right grouping of chemicals, equipment and on time service can eliminate non-planned halts in process cooling systems.

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