Water Softener Salt – Clean and Protect Water

  • Helps prevent hard water spots on dishes, faucets and tile
  • Fights build-up and extends the life of your water softener
  • Improves the condition of hair, skin and laundry
  • Reduces hard water build-up in your home



Aqua care water softener salt is ferment to prevent the rust and build up on your pipes and appliances, helping to improve appliances efficiency and productivity. Every households have hardwater issues, it is a solution for softer water that provides many added benefits. When used, Water Softener Salt Tablets helps not only to reduction the build-up hard water can cause in home appliances, pipes and dishes to clean easier, but also helps to prevent hair and skin damages and feeling softer after bathing and washing. To continue to see the benefits of our soft water, it is suggested that add between two and three new bags to your tank, depending on the water hardness and number of people in your household.  Aqua care manufacture is in home country United Arab Emirates and with the 25kg. (55lbs). package.

  • Extends your appliance life: clean and protect water softener salt helps you to reduce buildup inside your pipes, which extends life of your appliances e.g. dishwasher, refrigerators, cloth machines also Improves appliance productivity.
  • Softener health benefits: softener water avoid inching & dryness to skin and hair that hard water causes.
  • Less buildup: use salt tablets/pellets in your water softener system to decrease the buildup that hard water can leave inside your appliances and pipes that use water.
  • Easier cleaning: soft water leaves your dishes, glasses, and faucets shiny clean and effectively spot free, making cleaning a breeze
  • Make & Packaging: this 55 lb. (25kg) bag, made in home country UAE.
  • Made by AQUA CARE, our product specialists: each of our water softener salt bags options is designed to meet your hard water needs with quality you want.

The Benefits of Super Soft Water

clothes washing with softener water

Helps whiten and brighten clothes

no buildup in appliances

Helps prevent staining of household fixtures

no rest on taps

Helps guard against clogging of pipes and valves

improve healt with water softener

Helps Soaps and detergents clean better

Technical Specifications

Brand/ModelAqua Care Water softener Salt
FeaturesWorks with all water softeners
Product Weight (KG – lb.)25KG – 55LB

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